About Us

ART–ZOO inspires curiosity, creativity and empathy through art and play. It is an imaginative world on the other side of the rainbow, and is filled with colourful animals and plants including extinct, endangered, and mythical creatures. The ART–ZOO world is an adventure to be embarked on by children of all ages.

Fond memories of visits to the zoo, children’s shows, and playtimes at animal-themed playgrounds in Singapore’s public housing estates inform the world of ART–ZOO. Using simple shapes and iconic patterns, these childhood fascinations are realised in the form of animal and plant silhouettes that represent the letters of the alphabet.

The Rainbow appears wherever ART–ZOO goes, and represents our aim of creating magical moments through our projects. The ART–ZOO world can be reached by crossing over to the other side of the Rainbow. May the Rainbow be with you!

For more information, visit www.artzooworld.com